Monday, January 3, 2011

Tracking all your savings...

Last January I wanted to find a way to track my savings from coupons and sales... I found a GREAT savings tracker that Angela at The Coupon Project created. I had been using it all year, until the craziness of the past month caught up with me. I still have to locate all my receipts from the past 6 weeks or so and enter them. I would highly recommend downloading it and using it-- it's also a great place to track rebates. I always keep a copy of submitted rebates but I like to keep it on the spreadsheet also and keep track of which ones are still outstanding.

As of the last time I entered my receipts, I was at an average of 63.2% savings for the year-- my goal was 60%. Hopefully with the rest of my November and December receipts I didn't blow that-- there's a chance I did since I have not been real good about grocery shopping with coupons lately.

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