Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meijer Shopping

I was going through printable coupon withdrawal... my printer ran out of ink a couple days ago and I had a ton of stuff I had sent to the printer that I couldn't print. So, I called a couple stores for prices on ink cartridges for my printer today- I ended up just getting it at Meijer- it was the same price as everywhere else but I got a $10 Gift Card for spending over $29 on HP ink! Thanks Heather at Spectacular Savings for posting that one! I was planning on going to Meijer anyways so this worked just fine..

I did 2 transactions so I could get my gift card and use it towards my groceries.

Here are my totals from everything pictured...

$145.30 before coupons and discounts
-$27.11 sales
-$19.86 coupons
-$20.00 Gift card from Christmas
-$10.00 Gift card from buying HP ink
$68.33 OOP! Not too shabby for $145.30 worth of groceries AND an ink cartridge!

If you want to see matchups for this week, follow the links on the top left corner of the blog... most of what I bought was on sale, there were a few items that were not on sale that I had coupons for, and a couple things I had to pay full price on (stick butter & butter spread). PLUS, if you consider that $35.97 of my total was the ink cartridge, I got a lot of groceries for really cheap!

Plus, now that there's ink in my printer I could print all my coupons that were pending for the printer!

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