Friday, January 14, 2011

Bob Harper DVD 24-36 hour update...

I do consider myself to be fairly in shape- especially considering that I am carrying around a few extra pounds and I run 10-12 miles a week-- however, that Bob Harper workout really did kick my butt the other night. Last night (about 24 hours post workout) my husband was having a great time teasing me for the way I was walking around the house- my legs are so sore!! This morning, before I even got out of bed I could feel the tightness and pain in my left and butt...

Now I do like some pain after a good workout to know the workout did something, but when I have to wait to workout again until the pain subsides, that starts to irritate me. I'm hoping I feel at least a little better to get a run in tonight, but I'm just not too sure yet! Then, once I'm back to 100% I'll try the DVD again!

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