Monday, January 3, 2011


I know I keep making excuses why I have not been blogging as much... but the past 2 months have been just plain crazy! Here's a summary of what we have been up to the since Mid-November...

November- my birthday, my hubby's birthday (2 days apart), Thanksgiving
December- quick trip to Washington DC, my oldest son's birthday, my youngest son had surgery (tubes in ears/ adenoids removed), 2 birthday parties for my son, my graduation (Master's degree!), 4 Christmas parties, Christmas, a new niece... I think that's about it!

Now, it's January and I feel like we're off to a great start. My hubby and I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing our house. Last year we actually had to hire someone to help us organize and clean (which was WELL worth the price!) but this time we're doing it on our own- and we made a lot of progress.

Next, it's time to get back into couponing full strength! I'm working on a major purge and reorganization of my coupons- yes, I am sad to admit that I never cleaned out my binder the end of November. So not only do I have to get rid of all my expired November coupons but I also have to get rid of all my December coupons. Oh well... it was a crazy busy time so I have to just move forward and get back to spending less!

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