Thursday, January 6, 2011

Show me your deals!

I think I'm not the only one off to such a great couponing start in 2011... does anyone have any deals you would like to share? Do you have a super shopping trip picture? Please email it to me so I can post it--

I'll be posting ANOTHER deal picture later today-- I did some Meijer shopping today and I was prepared with a list and coupons! I've been so bad about couponing at Meijer lately, but I'm back on track now!


  1. I have had a great start, but no pictures. Deals so far:

    Tuesday: Meijers 6 Tony's Pizza and 5 Green giant vegies for $5.00.

    Yesterday: 2 Electrosol packs, TwinLabs resveratrol, 8 boxes of Special K, 2 bottles of gasx prevention, 1 bottle of excedrin PM, 2 canisters of lysol wipes. $13.50 out of pocket. $2.00 single check rebate, $10.00 up rewards (I didn't have any to start)

    Today: Same Meijer deal again today as Tuesday, 8 boxes of special K(2 boxes after work today in an hour and a half), 2 canisters of lysol wipes. $8.28 out of pocket($5.00 at meijers for 11 items), and still have $9.00 in up rewards, and I will have it my $100.00 for my 20.00 in up rewards this afternoon when I go.

    So far I am looking at about %90% plus savings if I were to track it.


  2. I love it! I am considering another Rite Aid trip this week to get my $100 in... I'm not too far away and now that I can print again I can print a couple more Special K BOGOs.
    Did you get the Electrosol at Rite Aid or at Walgreens?
    I just love all these deals! I might go to Walgreens tomorrow to use some of my Register Rewards from my Electrolsol.

  3. I got it at Walgreens. I am going there tomorrow morning and spending my $3 in register rewards for something called "Pill Glide" for Les. That will cost me $2.00 op but I will get $5 in register rewards back, then I will use those to get a pack of diapers for nothing op.

  4. Being that I was a witness to the pill incident at work with Leslie... I think the Pill Glide would be a good idea in your household...
    I'm going to try for some of the Acai vitamins at Walgreens- BOGO at $10.99 each- 2- $5.00 coupons in the monthly coupon booklet and then use my RR's for kitty litter.
    And, yes, I did work up another Special K deal with more coupons and more Huggies diapers... with less than $1 OOP after using my +Up Rewards. I want to finish up my Resolution Rewards. Hopefully that one goes well too and they are still stocked.