Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bob Harper

One of the areas I'm focusing on this year is working out more often and getting ready to do some 5K (hopefully longer) runs this year. Now that my youngest is sleeping better (by better I mean maybe 50% of nights) I have a little more energy and I am really trying to get a good workout in on most days. I ran 3 nights in a row and tonight I was not really in the mood to run so I figured I'd try out the new Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning DVD. Wow- I haven't yet decided if I'm happy I did it or not.

I have to admit, I was afraid to try the DVD. After buying the DVD, I read more reviews on it and everyone said how they thought they were pretty in shape and they couldn't make it through the entire DVD the first time. Well, I don't like to wimp out on things like this, so I was determined that I was going to do the whole thing. Let me just tell you that 64 minutes with Bob Harper is a LONG time- BUT I did it!! The reviews also said how they always thought Jillian was the tough one but now they think Bob really is the tough one- I would agree that I now feel that way too!

I'm not sure where I was going with this posting... I do have to say though it was a great workout and I burned over 700 calories and my heart rate stayed up the entire time (I always work out with my heart rate monitor). I'm glad I got this DVD but it will not be one that I do every day like I can with the Jillian workouts. The people in the video were pretty bad though- their form was bad, they were always doing their own thing and they guy looked like he was ready to pass out and couldn't keep up. I'm not sure if that was done on purpose (to motivate you) or if they were just lazy and didn't want to film again to get better footage... I am pretty sure though that even as a first timer I had better form and stamina than two of the people on the DVD.

Oh... and the DVD went on sale this week at Target so I'll be going back in to get my price adjustment! They are great about adjusting prices when items you buy go on sale right away- just bring in your receipt and they will give you the difference!

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