Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A free but a bit disappinting Rite Aid trip

I went to Rite Aid Monday to pick up some things... and the only thing they had that was on my list was 2 boxes of granola bars. They were out of everything else- and these were the last 2 boxes of granola bars. They were suppose to get a truck yesterday (Monday) so I may stop back in today... we'll see.

2 Quaker Granola Bars- 2 for $5 (get $2 +Up Reward when you buy 2)
** $5.00 OOP PLUS $2.00 +UP Reward **

$7.58 before coupons and sales (apparently their regular price is $3.79)
-$2.58 Wellness Plus savings and sales
-$1.00 off $1.00 Video Values coupon
-$4.00 previously earned +Up Rewards
*** $0 OOP PLUS $2.00 in +Up Rewards earned!! ***

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