Friday, June 3, 2011

Target shopping too!

I had a few things to pick up at Target today. I wanted to post this to show you a couple things. First of all, you can get decent deals and freebies at Target, if you're not ready to jump into drugstore shopping. Second, I do occasionally buy things without a coupon-- I was just talking to a cousin this morning about if I ever pay full price, and the answer is YES. I paid full price for several things- and I even bought something that I think I have a coupon for somewhere but I didn't bring it with me and I still bought it!

Here are the highlights of my trip:

2- Nexcare Kids bandaids 20 ct- Shrek or Strawberry Shortcake $1.87
$1.00 off 2 Nexcare
2- $1.00 off Nexcare kids bandaids Target printable
** $.37 each! **
~~ I had actually printed a $1 off Nexcare coupon a few weeks ago, which is no longer available, so I got both of these for FREE-- but if you need bandaids I thought you might want to stockup for $.37! ~~

20- Vitamin Water- $1 each BUY 10, get free 6 pk Smart Water
4- $1.00 off 5 Vitamin Water coupons
** $.80 each for the Vitamin water PLUS 2- 6pks of Smart Water= $.50 per bottle!! **

$59.37 before coupons and discounts
PAID $34.79 OOP

I paid FULL PRICE for Up brand's children's Zyrtec, Crayola colored pencils, hand sanitizer AND a coloring book from the dollar spot. I was planning on buying a small bottle of hand sanitizer for $1.89- but when I was that it was 8 oz, and for $4.59 I could buy 32 oz, I figured I'd just use the big bottle as a refill. Sometimes it's better to buy smaller, but times like this it isn't! I am pretty sure I have a Up brand hand sanitizer coupon printed somewhere, but I have a big coupon mess right now and didn't bring them in with me.

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