Friday, June 3, 2011

More Rite Aid shopping

Yes, I did it. I went back to Rite Aid for more sunscreen. I like having several bottles of sunscreen- one for home, one for daycare, one for the car, one to leave on the boat, etc. So, I'm happy to stockup now while it's close to free. I normally just buy traditional sunscreen lotions, but because it's so cheap I figured I'd get some of the spray lotion.

Banana Boat Sunscreen- Buy one, get one FREE- the one I picked was $10.99
$1.00 off from 5/22 SS
$2.00 off Video Values coupon
** $7.99 for 2!! PLUS counts towards the skincare spend $50, get $15 +Up Reward **

Coppertone Suncare- $8.99 sale (Wellness Plus 20% discount made this $7.99)- get $2 +Up Reward
$1.00 off coupon from 5/22 RP
$1.00 off Video Values coupon
** $5.99 OOP PLUS $2.00 +UP Reward earned! AND counts towards the skincare spend $50, get $15 +Up Reward **

$31.97 before coupons and discounts
-$12.99 Wellness Plus savings and sales
-$3 off $15 survey coupon
-$10 +Up Reward redeemed
-$5.00 coupons
** $.98 subtotal! **
+ $.96 tax
** $1.94 OOP! AND I earned another $2 in +UP Rewards PLUS now I'm only $11.25 away from "spending" $50 to earn the $15 skin care +UP Reward! I'll be starting next week with another $3 off $15 survey coupon, plus $4 in +Up Rewards... so I should hit that $50 pretty easily!

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