Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heads up on diapers...

I have read a couple different places recently that diaper prices would be going up soon... I found an article online that indicates that Kimberly Clark will be raising the price of Huggies beginning June 19 and lasting through September. The article I read this morning (from March) indicates an expected increase of 7%.

So, if you didn't buy Huggies this week at Rite Aid... you might want to consider making a stockup trip today. Otherwise, watch during the next couple weeks for diaper deals and stockup! I think we're doing pretty well with diapers now (I counted yesterday and we have over 20 jumbo packs)... and I just got more wipes at Rite Aid and Amazon. Procter and Gamble is also reported to raise their prices on Pampers diapers by 7% and wipes by 3%.

I'll try to keep my eye out for good stockup prices at Amazon (or anywhere else I find). If you're not into drugstore shopping but want to get good prices, using the Subscribe and Save option at Amazon can get you some very good prices also.

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