Friday, June 17, 2011

Rite Aid Shopping

I forgot to put one of my hubby's Father's Day gifts in the picture... we did 2 trips to Rite Aid this week. I didn't see any super deals, but I had some +Up Rewards to use by next week and I didn't see that much in next week's ad and figured I'd use some towards diapers & wipes. I had 2 more $3 off Huggies diapers coupons that were expiring.

Transaction #1

i-Tunes $25 gift card
$5 in ad coupon

** $20 for a $25 gift card!! **

Transaction #2

Huggies Diapers- $8.99
$3.00 off printable previously available
** $5.99 **

Huggies Wipes- $6.79 (get $1 +Up Reward) ~~ advertised at $6.99 but 20% Wellness Plus discount was higher
$1.00 off coupon from homemailer
** $5.79 PLUS $1.00 +Up Reward earned! **

I had a bit of a mixup at the register- I checked out at the pharmacy because I was picking up a prescription, and used more +Up Rewards than I planned. I was using

$42.47 before coupons and discounts
-$7.70 Wellness Plus savings and sales
-$3.00 off $15 coupon
-$7.00 coupons
-$20.00 +Up Rewards
$4.77 subtotal (my prescription was $10 but some of my +Up Rewards went towards that)
+ $1.31 tax
-$6.08 HSA account
$0 OOP!! PLUS $1.00 +Up Reward earned!

I was in a hurry and a bit distracted by my boys who were messing with the cane display by the pharmacy and should have paid better attention to what I was doing. I was using my HSA for the prescription, so instead of wasting +Up Rewards on my prescription (which I didn't realize you could do), I would have used a different combination of +Up Rewards. Still a good trip overall though. Who can complain though when you don't pay anything for 2 packs of diapers and a pack of wipes?

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