Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy busy!

Sorry for the lack of postings... I haven't done much of shopping this week. I am working on my list and getting my coupons organized for a trip to Meijer tomorrow-it looks like I'll get some pretty good deals.

I had a HUGE coupon mess that I'm sorting through today and will hopefully get my coupon binder back in order. I tend to slack on coupon organization- instead of just spending a little time each week, I tend to let 4-6 weeks go by and then have a huge mess to sort through.

While I'm going through my coupons, I'm also watching for coupons that would potentially make for freebies at a double-coupon Meijer. I'm heading over to Lansing next week to look at houses and will hopefully have a little time (with no kids!) to stop into a Meijer and get some deals. I can't wait to see the ad preview for next week when it's posted tomorrow to see if it will be a good sale week!

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