Friday, April 2, 2010

Another deal- this time with Pampers!

If you didn't do the Huggies deal on and want to try a Pampers deal, here's a great way to get a ton of diapers cheap- without mailing in any coupons! You have to be a new customer in order to qualify for the $10 referral credit (use code sarah10off).

Buy 1 Extra Large Case of Pampers Cruisers- check the box for $1.50 off instantly= $42.49-$1.50= $41.49
Buy 1 Jumbo Pack of Pampers Cruisers- $9.99
Your subtotal is $51.48, so you qualify for free shipping.
Add Promo/Referral Code sarah10off and receive $10.00 off= $41.48

Print a copy of your receipt after and print the form for a $14.97 rebate here, bringing your total after rebate to $26.51- that's for the equivalent of more than 6 jumbo packs of diapers! If you buy a size 3 you'll end up with 191 diapers for $26.51 or less- that's $.13 a diaper!

If you have any Pampers Gifts to Grow codes you can redeem 1000 for a $10.00 gift certificate which would make for an even better deal....

And, if you join EBATES you receive a new member credit of $5.00 which is added to your account after your purchase (this counts), so you will earn a percentage of your purchase back. You will need to go through the Ebates website to get to in order to get the credit.

Also, if you have any Pampers coupons, you can mail your coupons to the address below. Make sure to include your name, address and email address so they know the account to credit (you set up your account before you mail the coupons in).
P.O. Box 483
Jersey City, NJ 07303
They will add them to your account within 7-10 days (I sent coupons in on a Monday and then were credited Thursday of the same week). They will place them in your account with the expiration date listed on the coupons. Send enough so your total will be at least $49 after manufacturer's coupons.

To see my previous posting about Ebates, go here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Get $10 off
your first order of diapers
use code SARA6595$49 min. total order

I just ordered all those diapers last week and stock up more at My "mom" might have to do this deal so we can get some Pampers now! It was SO easy and it's SO nice to have so many diapers on hand!

Thanks for the Pampers coupon find Give Me Neither!

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