Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comments please!

I want to know more of what you'd like to be seeing on my blog- do you want matchups? Do you want links to printable coupons? Do you like seeing the deals like the Target one I just posted and how I got the deals? What would be most helpful for you to see? Do you want basic coupon info and tips? Let me know what you're looking for on my blog

Please leave comments and let me know-- I'd like to make sure I post things that are of interest... Thanks!!


  1. I love what you are doing. I look everyday. I like when you post your purchases also. The only thing that might be nice is a small area where people can make requests, or something like that. I know I have some coupons that others would like. I have some Huggies coupons, and Les and I use Pampers. So anyone that would want them could have them.

  2. If you ever have any Huggies coupons or other high value coupons you won't use, email me and I can post them. There are also websites like a full cup where you can trade coupons. You can also play coupon fairy in the store and set them on the shelf for someone to use.