Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you need printer paper?

There's a great deal this week at Staples on HammerMiill paper.

Register with Ebates and go through there to get to the Staples website. You'll earn 2% rewards for your purchase plus $5 if you're a new Ebates customer.

Order 2 boxes of HammerMill paper (item 122374-QJ)- for $24.99 each.

Use coupon 47617- this will take $5 off each case at checkout

Add another small item to make your total over $50 for free shipping- I chose Crayola crayons for $.99.

My total came to $43.43 including tax. You can get 2 rebates per household for $16 back for each case- so it will be $11.43 with tax after rebates. You'll also earn 2% back at Ebates- and if you're a new customer you'll receive your $5 credit to join- so possibly $5.87 back- bringing your total after Ebates and rebate to $5.56! If you have already joined Ebates and received your $5 credit you'll still get a great deal- $10.56 for 2 cases of paper! I normally spend around $3 on one ream of paper, so this is a great deal!

The rebate is really simple also- you can submit it online and you receive it in the form of a prepaid Visa card.

If this seems like a lot of paper to get for yourself, find a friend and split the deal! Although I do print a lot of coupons, two cases seems a little excessive to have on hand...

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