Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deal Pictures- Staples

Sorry to post this after the deal but I wanted to show the paper deal I got at Staples this week. I ordered 2 cases of papers and a box of crayons (I had to spend $50 to get free shipping and the paper was $49.98 so I threw in the $.99 crayons). I have never ordered from Staples before and was surprised that my order came the next day.

I spent $43.43, and have a $32 rebate on the way, so after the rebate this will cost $11.43- which I'm splitting with my neighbor because 10,000 sheets of paper might be a little much for me. Before coupons, rebate and discounts this would have cost $95.43!! That's 88% savings!! I also used ebates so I'll receive 2% back on my ebates account.

I had to take a few pictures to show the huge box they sent the tiny box of crayons in... they even put bubble wrap in to protect the crayons!

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