Friday, April 8, 2011

Rite Aid

This is my first attempt at blogging from my Blackberry so we'll see how this turns out.
I didn't make it to Rite Aid until Thursday and was surprised they were still well stocked on razors.

Gilette Fusion- $9.99 (get $5 +Up Reward)
$5 coupon from direct mail (or $3 from 4/3 P&G)
** $4.99 PLUS $5.00 +Up Reward **

$13.59 before discounts
-$3.00 sales
-$5.00 coupons
-$4..00 previous +Up Rewards
** $1.59 OOP PLUS $5.00 +Up Rewards earned!

I had also wanted to get some Biore products but my store was out of pretty much everything. The spend $20 on Biore get a $10 +Up Reward is all month long so I still have plenty of time for that one.
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