Friday, April 1, 2011

Rite Aid

Yes, I did make another Rite Aid trip this week- I know- big surprise, right? I have been carrying around a raincheck for several weeks for Dixie Ultra plates and they finally had them in stock, and I needed batteries for my son's crib mobile.

2- Rite Aid batteries- 4 pack C- $6.99 BOGO
** $6.99 for 2 **
I have not tried Rite Aid batteries before but they were the best deal...

3- Dixie Ultra Plates- $1.97 (w/ raincheck from sale a few weeks ago)
$5.00 off 3 Dixie Ultra plates Rite Aid Video Values coupon from March
** $.91 for 3 packages of plates!! **

$26.72 before coupons and discounts
-$13.05 Wellness Plus savings, sales and raincheck
-$5.00 Video Values coupon
-$7.49 previously earned +Up Rewards
$1.18 OOP!!!
No +Up Rewards earned but this was a great trip getting something I needed (batteries) really cheap by using my +Up Rewards!

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