Thursday, June 24, 2010

Target deal picture

Check out the super deals I got at Target this week! I really don't need any more men's body wash but I can't pass up free so I ended up with 12 more- I'll definitely be sharing these with the guys in my family! I had been watching for the Olay body wash to drop to less than $4 so it would be free with my $4 off coupon, but my local store has been out of stock and happened to have 7 bottles in at $4.70 each when I went so I got them. I ended up making money from the trip so it was worth it!

Transaction #1

6- 10 oz Old Spice Body Wash — $3.54- buy 3 get a $5 gift card!
-3- B1G1 from 6/6 P&G
-$1.00 off 2 from 6/6 P&G (off two of the 3 I'm paying for)
** $9.62 subtotal OOP + tax ($.67)= $10.29 PLUS 2- $5 gift cards
** $.38 Money maker before tax- ! **

Transaction #2

Same as #1 but I used the 2- $5 gift cards to pay
6 bottles of Old Spice Body wash
** $.29 OOP + $10 more in gift cards! **

Transaction #3

7 Olay Total Effects Body Wash 8.4oz= $4.79 each
-7- $4.00 off from 6/6 P&G
** $.79 each= $5.53 total OOP **
PLUS I found a $12 rebate since my total before coupons in Olay products was over $30- I can choose a magazine subscription or $12 rebate- I'll take the rebate and turn this into a $6.47 money maker!!

Boudreaux Butt Paste- $4.34
$2.00 off from 4/11 RP
** $2.34 **

Kandoo Wipes- $1.49
$1.00 off from 4/4 P&G
** $.49 **

2- Dove Hair Spray- Travel Size- $.97
$1.00 off printable
** FREE- $.03 money maker for each **

** $8.30 subtotal before tax + $2.48 tax= $10.48 OOP- used $10 gift card so $.48 OOP!!- PLUS I'll submit for the $12 rebate!**

Combined totals for all 3 transactions
$87.76 before coupons, sales and gift cards
- $56.24 coupons
- $20 gift cards
$11.52 OOP
- $12 Olay rebate
$.48 MONEY MAKER AFTER REBATE FOR EVERYTHING IN THE PICTURE!! I'm having fun shopping at Rite Aid but I still do love Target!

Did you get any great deals this week? Send me pictures if you did!


  1. Wow!! Fantastic job! I still haven't been able to find the Olay at a good price.

  2. I normally don't clear a shelf of a product but I did buy all 7 of the Olay body washes my stoer had- I've been waiting for them to have them in stock again. I have 8 more coupons to use still so hopefully they get more in soon!

  3. 15 coupons? Wow!!! Do you buy 15 papers or do you have some super special secret?

  4. No, I don't buy 15 papers- I think I bought 3 that week, got 7 from family members (mom, 2 grandmas, aunt) and a coworker and ordered 5 from My Coupon Hunter. When I ordered the 5, it was before I knew I had the rest coming... I ended up with almost that many Pampers $2.00 off wipes coupons too!

  5. Battle Creek still has a full shelf as of today. I just went at lunch for a big trip, including: 3 boxes of Huggies diapers, 3 bags of wipes 3pk refils, 3 bags of Pedigree dog food, pus a LOT more! Paid $51.12, saved $127.89, got 2 $5 gift cards, and will have 2 $7.99 rebates. Total savings of over $153.00. by the way, Aveno Active Naturals Overnight Cream is normally $7.99, but is selling for $1.68. I wish I had a coupon for this, but I bought 3 anyways. They were not marked as on sale or a temp price cut. Something to check out.


  6. Great Job! Send a picture if you get a chance... Did they have the Olay for less than $4 or for $4.79. I keep seeing that the places that had it for $3 something raised their prices.... maybe we need to take a trip to Battle Creek tomorrow!
    Is Huggies finally persuading you to try their diapers with all the good coupons or are you buying for someone else?
    I was bummed we didn't get the Aveeno coupon last Sunday too- I'm going to have to start just buying the Detroit Free Press to get the good coupons- there are suppose to be some Target ones in this Sunday too that I'd like to have.
    Do you need any Old Spice Body Wash? I can send some with Les if you want some!!

  7. I didn't pay attention to the price today, as I didn't have any coupons for it. Last time I bought it it was under $4.00. I noticed it when I was looking for the Aveno fig and shea butter body wash, which they didn't have. It is marked 5.99, but ringing up at 1.25, so I wanted to get les some. I just stumbles upon a rebate for $10 back on $25 worth of Aveno products, which makes me wish I would have bought 1 more.

    The diapers are for us. You can't beat the price with the coupons plus the Target coupons. We don't like them as much, but it is a money thing. Also, I just bought 2 Old Spice body washes today, because I have not tried them. It is no 12, but I want to give it a try.

    Is the Coupon Hunter worth the small fee? I was thinking about trying it, but Les hates this couponing, which makes it hard to justify to her.

    Last, I don't buy from Amazon, but I just ordered a gift card from Swagbucks. I will send it with Les for you when it gets here.

    For some reason, I have to post as anonymous, as it keeps telling me that my URL has illegal characters.

  8. I think that Coupon Hunter is worth the fee- they are the cheapest site I've found with the best shipping prices- some of the others charge over $1.00 to ship, and all the orders I've placed have been less than $4 orders. Some of the other sites have a $5 minimum. It just depends on what you're looking for... it takes several days to get the coupons- usually if I order by Monday I get them Friday because I think they're coming from Florida.