Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Food Coupon Giveaway! ** GONE!! **

** ALL THE COUPONS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED- I'll try to giveaway more coupons soon! ***

I have a bunch of Beech-nut baby food coupons- many are expiring the end of June and I have no need for them and want to pass them on to someone who can use them.

7- $1.00 off any 10 Beech-Nut or Let's Grow Items (3 expire 6/30/10, 4 expire 12/31/10)

5- $1.00 off any 2 Beech-Nut Let's Grow Bakery, Yogurt Nibbles, or 7 Grain Nibbles (expire 6/30/10)

2- $1.00 off ANY box of Beech-Nut cereal (expire 6/30/10)- Rice cereal is around $1.40 at Walmart

8- Save $.50 on any 4 Beech-Nut DHA PLUS items (expire 6/30/10)

8- Save $1.00 on any 5 Beech-Nut Let's Grow Mini Meals or Tummy Trays (expire 6/30/10)

If you would like these coupons, leave a comment or send me an email and I will give them to you or send them to you. I will split them up so there are two sets to give. If you're one of the first two to respond to this posting, they're yours!


  1. Sarah,
    Les might want a couple of the mini-meal coupons.


  2. Jody- Leslie already has a stack to bring home for you!

  3. Hi Sarah! I would definitely use the cereal coupons, if no one else wants them of course. I've been buying primarily Beech Nut baby food items for my little girl, I haven't tried any of the Mini Meals or Tummy Trays yet, we're in the process of transitioning to table food. Thanks much!

  4. Sarah - I'd be interested in any you think we'd be able to use for Cooper!