Friday, June 25, 2010

Rite Aid June Recap

Rite Aid June Recap

Filled 2 prescriptions- $10.00 & $3.82- earned 2- $25 gift cards for transferring prescriptions
Total OOP- $13.82
Received- $50.00 gift cards

$75.50 total OOP before using gift cards and Single Check Rebate from May
-$5.00 May SCR
-$40.15 Gift Cards Used (still have $9.85 left on one)
$30.35 OOP
+ $13.82 Prescriptions
$44.17 Actual OOP

Single Check Rebates Earned:
$30 RA gift card= $25 skin care rebate + $5 bonus for using Wellness + card
$5 RA gift card P&G
$3.00 Pantene SCR (special offer via email)
$5.00 Duracell SCR
$2.00 Huggies SCR
$3.00 P&G Secret
$3.00 P&G Herbal Essences
$2.00 Secret/Gillette/Old Spice
$3.00 Reach
$2.99 Gillette/Old Spice Body Wash
$35.00 in Rite Aid Gift Cards
$23.99 in Rite Aid Single Check Rebates
$58.99 total!!

PLUS I submitted for the Aveeno $10.00 rebate when you buy $25.00 in Aveeno products
$70.99 total in rebates/gift cards earned

I spent $44.17 for everything in the picture and two prescriptions I filled and have $70.99 coming back to me PLUS I still have $9.85 left on one of my gift cards.

So, I'll start out July $36.37 AHEAD AND I got everything in the pictures for FREE!! Seriously?? I'm so mad I didn't start shopping at Rite Aid sooner!! These are things I buy anyways- just not as many in one month- diapers, deodorant, body wash, batteries, toothpaste, lotion, sun screen, etc.

** I forgot when I first posted this that I still have $2.00 in +Up rewards to use- so I'll end up with a $38.37 money maker for everything in the picture! **

Not too bad for my first month shopping the deals at Rite Aid!! Their Single Check Rebate program is very nice- it's easy- all you have to do is enter your receipts online and then at the end of month request the rebate. They send you a check, which you can deposit like any other rebate, or you can use it in their store.

** I'm posting this as my June summary although June is not over but the Single Check Rewards program for June ends on Saturday. This week wasn't a real good Rite Aid week but I have a copy of next week's ad already and it's looking like a good week of Rite Aid deals! **

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