Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

It was my first week taking Rite Aid a little more seriously and trying to take advantage of all their deals. I'm very excited because it's my first week where I will MAKE money for "buying" items there! Here are my totals for the week for everything in the two pictures:

$132.68 Rite Aid Retail before sales, coupons and rebates
- $40.96 in sales
- $54.25 in coupons
$37.47 total after coupons and sales
- $10 +Up rewards (which I already used since I did multiple transactions)
$27.47 total OOP
- $14.93 GIFT CARD remaining ($25 originally) from transfering a prescription
** $12.47 my actual out of pocket cost for everything in the two pictures!! **

Rebates/ Gift Cards Earned:
- $5 P&G gift card rebate
- $3 Reach toothbrush rebate
- $2 Secret deodorant rebate
- $5 Duracell battery rebate
Seriously?? They are paying me for everything in the two pictures, PLUS I have almost "spent" $25 towards their skin care rebate, which will get me another $10 gift card and a bonus $5 for using their Wellness program. Why did I not start shopping at Rite Aid sooner?

Here's everything Rite Aid paid me to "buy" this week:
6 packages of Duracell batteries
5 Crest toothpaste
3 Oral B toothbrushes
2 pk of Reach toothbrushes
2 small Aveeno lotion
1 large Aveeno lotion
1 Lubriderm lotion
2 Secret deodorants
2 Old Spice body wash

Shopping the deals at Rite Aid definitely takes a lot of planning- I make a list before I go to the store listing what I plan to buy and how much they will be after discounts and coupons and have all my coupons for each transaction in a paper clip. I usually grab a couple extra coupons in case I need to make a switch at the last minute. It's definitely more work than some other stores, but the fact that I can MAKE MONEY for buying everyday items makes it worth it to me. These are all things that we can use or that I can donate or give to friends and family to use.

Go here to see the matchups Heather at Spectacular Savings has started for next week's sales at Rite Aid.

Have you started shopping at Rite Aid? What have you been able to do?

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