Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that when many stores have their sales you don't have to buy the quantity advertised? For example, last week Meijer had corn 8 for $2.00. Did you know that you don't have to buy 8 to get the corn for $2.00? It's just their way of encouraging you to buy more.

Meijer and Target: You do NOT have to buy the quantity advertised. If a sale is 2 Tide detergents for $11.00, you CAN buy just one for $5.50. Meijer's 10 for $10 sale- although you get the best deal if you buy 10 items since then you get the 11th item free, you can buy any number of those items and still pay $1.00.

Walgreens and Rite Aid: You DO have to buy the quantity advertised. Their computer systems are set up to mark down the price once you buy the quantity advertised. I suggest that you closely watch the registers just to make sure this happens. With the new Rite Aid Wellness Plus program you have to watch even more closely because unless your Wellness Plus card is scanned, certain sale prices will not mark down.

Stores do this kind of marketing for a couple reasons- they try to make you think you're getting a great deal when you're really not and they try to get you to buy more of an item than you intended and what you would normally buy.

If you are walking through a store and see big sign that says "SALE- 3 for $5!!" not only might you buy the item, but you'll buy more than you normally would. The regular price of the item might only be $1.75- and the sale price of 3 for $5 makes the item only $1.66- which is not a significant savings. Most cell phones have calculators on them, and if you're not a math person, just pull out your phone and figure out the individual cost to see if the sale item really is a good deal. When shopping at Meijer and Target where you don't have to buy that particular quantity, don't buy more of the item than you intended on unless it is a really good price.

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