Friday, June 18, 2010


I needed to buy mustard when I went to Meijer this week. I had a $.50 off French's mustard coupon. I knew they had Meijer brand mustard on sale for $1.00, so I figured I'd buy whichever would be cheaper- store brand without a coupon or French's with a coupon.

They had a big yellow "PRICE DROP" sign on the 8 oz bottle of French's mustard advertising a price of $1.38. Under that shelf, there they had the 14 oz bottle with a normal tag showing the price of $1.25. I could have bought a containuer of 6 oz less and paid $.13 more for the bottle if I hadn't been paying attention.

The moral of the story is to PAY ATTENTION to the prices and sizes in the store. You would think that a big yellow sign saying PRICE DROP would mean that the product is a good deal, or a better deal than the rest of the items on the shelf. Sometimes this is true, but often it's not- you just have to look and see what is the better deal.

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