Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a week!

So sorry for another apology posting... but just wanted to post and say that I'm so sorry that I'm so far behind on blogging right now! It's been quite a week- getting home from vacation to the tree mess, having to hurry and clean it up so we would be ready for showings again, doing a week's worth of vacation laundry (clothes/ sheets/ towels/ beach stuff for 4 people), having 4 (yes, 4) showings this week on 3 different days and getting ready for an open house tomorrow. Add to that a dentist appointment and then the following day a trip to the endodontist to find out that I have to get a root canal ASAP- which is next Wednesday. Just another crazy week- I'm ready for some calm and routine again! I'll get back on track with couponing soon... after tomorrow's open house I hope to get my binder reorganized and my inserts sorted.

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