Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Rite Aid trip from last week

I did make it back to Rite Aid for a second trip last week. Sorry-- I forgot to post this! I wanted more Vitamin Water, and since the +Up Reward printed even though they didn't ring up on sale, I wanted to see if they would adjust the price since they didn't exclude any types in the ad. I went to the Cork St store and they were wonderful again!

The manager rang up a bottle of regular Vitamin Water, instead of Vitamin Water Zero- so that I could get the sale price instead of the regular price.

10 Vitamin Water- $1 each (get $1 +Up Reward for buying 5)
** $1 each PLUS 2 $1 +Up Rewards for buying 10**

$15.90 before coupons and discounts
-$5.90 Wellness Plus savings
-$6.38 previously earned +Up Rewards
** $3.62 OOP PLUS $2 in +UP Rewards earned! **

Then it got even better-- since I showed her the receipt from the earlier in the week when I paid $1.27 a bottle, she said she'd give me 1 for free to make up for the $1.35 that I was overcharged... then she said she still owed me $.35 so she'd give me another one for $.65. So, I got 2 more bottles of Vitamin Water Zero for $.65 OOP!!

Total for everything pictured- 12 bottles of Vitamin Water Zero: $4.27 OOP!

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