Monday, July 11, 2011

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In the past I have used Weight Watchers to drop some lbs... but I'm just too cheap to spend money on that (and don't have time for weigh-ins and meetings and such). After I got my Blackberry, I was talking to a friend about cool apps and she told me about Spark People . Spark People is a FREE website (and/ or app) that sets up a nutrition and fitness plan to your goals and allows you to track your foods and exercise for FREE. It allows you to track the information you want to track- the standard tracking info is Calories, Carbs, Fat and Protein. If your foods aren't listed in the nutrition tracker, you can add the food as a favorite and enter the nutrition information yourself.

There are great reports available- one of my favorites is the "single day calorie differential" report. It looks at your calories consumed and your calories burned, through both exercise and what they calculate as your basal metabolic rate. It's a great report to see where you're at for the week-- and for me- it's fairly accurate. If you add up the differential each week (remember a 3500 calorie deficit is a 1 lb weight loss) you get a good idea what the scale should show for the week. While in my first two weeks I consistently stayed within my guidelines and was down over 6 lbs- and adding up my calorie differential showed that very close to what I should be down.

I've been using Spark People for a few weeks. I love it- it's so much more detailed than Weight Watchers- it definitely encourages you to eat not only the right amount of calories each day, but to look at what types of calories you are consuming.

There are also lots of interesting nutrition, wellness and fitness tips as well as message boards and recipes. It's a great resource to check out if you want to drop a few pounds or make better food choices.

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