Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It was sad when I came home from vacation, but it was nice to have a couple surprise packages when I got home.

A FREE Pandora bracelet with Morano bead- I was emailed a survey a month or so ago and if you were one of the first 80,000 to complete the survey you got a free bracelet and bead. When I went to do the survey, it said that all bracelets had already been claimed, but I filled the survey out anyways and still got the goodies! The bracelet and bead are valued at $95!

I'm not sure why I still got this-- the only thing I'm wondering if they actually checked your email address to make sure you were a Pandora club member before the sent them out. The survey was originally intended on Pandora club members only, but then a blogs posted the link and the site got bombarded. I'm just happy I got mine! I love Pandora bracelets and am happy to add this one to my collection!

I also won a Redken Intra Force giveaway. I was VERY surprised at this one- I was one of the first 1000 to respond. I think this shampoo and toner are priced a little over $30- and my hubby just started using this product right before these were delivered so I was very excited to receive these full size freebies!

Definitely two nice surprises-- I love getting free samples in the mail and it's even better when they are full size or high dollar freebies!

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