Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walgreens Shopping

I did end up getting some good deals at Walgreens, but had lots of problems there this week. It really reinforces the Walgreens overpricing conspiracy theory... if you don't pay attention, you can pay more. Do they know that most of their customers are in a hurry and are not paying attention and that's why they have so many pricing issues? You definitely have to watch closely and make sure everything scans right and know what Register Rewards you should get...

Transaction #1

Dove Men's Deodorant- $3.99 (get $3 RR)
$1.00 off printable previously available
** $2.99 OOP PLUS $3 RR! **

Nestle Skinny Cow Candy- $.69
$.15 off coupon from May coupon booklet in store
** $.54-- great filler item! **

$5.88 before coupons and discounts
-$1.20 sales
-$1.15 coupons
-$3.00 RR redeemed
$.53 subtotal
+ $.24 tax
$.77 OOP PLUS $3 RR earned!

The Dove deodorant RR did not print... I clearly bought what was in the ad, so the manager tried to ring one up with no coupons- still no RR... then he found something else in the ad that generated a $3 RR and rang that item up, gave me the RR, then returned the item. I thought that was pretty nice of him to do and it was much easier than having to call the Catalina company and request one!

Transaction #2 (different store)

Gillette Fusion Razor Kit- $9.99 (get $5 RR!)
$4.00 off coupon from 5/1 P&G
** $5.99 OOP PLUS $5.00 RR earned! **

$9.99 before coupons and discounts
-$4.00 coupons
+$.60 tax
** $6.59 OOP PLUS $5 RR earned! **

Transaction #3

** Buy Nabisco Grahams and Hersheys Chocolate, get FREE marshmallows! **
2- Nabisco Graham Crackers- $3.00
2- Hershey's Milk Chocolate 6 pk- $3.00 each
4- Marshmallows- $1.99 each
-(2) $1.00 off when you buy grahams, chocolate & marshmallow coupon from 5/15 SS
-(2) FREE (up to $1.25) marshmallows when you buy grahams & chocolate printable coupon (click FREE marshmallow cloud!)
-(2) FREE marshmallows automatic discount from Walgreens for buying grahams & chocolate
-$1.00 Walgreens May coupon booklet when you buy 2 Hersheys Chocolate
** $10.48 for everything!! **

$22.52 before coupons and discounts
-$2.56 sales
-$3.98 FREE marshmallows automatic discount
-$5.50 coupons
-$8.00 RR redeemed
** $2.48 OOP FOR all the SMORES STUFF! **

I definitely did some strategizing for this trip... I wasn't planning on buying another razor, but I knew I was going to pay some OOP, so I figured I might as well get another razor since I could use that RR towards the next transaction. After the last transaction was done, I looked at the receipt and realized I had been overcharged for the grahams and Hersheys, so I got the money back right away. Even though the sale was clearly marked by signage, they all rang up at $3.50 instead of $3.00, so I got $2 back making the deal shown. Always pay attention!! I'm definitely learning how to work the RR program. It's a pain, but you can get some good deals.

So, I spend a total of $9.84 for everything in the picture!! I'm happy with that!

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