Monday, May 30, 2011

Planning ahead

Last year when we went on our up north vacation, it was our first year at the cottage and I didn't know what to pack. We ended up taking several trips to an expensive grocery store and spending a LOT of money on food for the week. I think our first trip was around $200 and then we probably spent another $100 later on in the week. I didn't think to bring simple things like condiments (ketchup/mustard/etc.) so we ended up spending full price (plus some since it was an expensive store). It was pretty much like shopping at D&W for everything without any coupons-- you definitely paid more.

So, over the next month, I am going to be trying to get free or cheap food to bring with us. I am determined to make it a cheaper trip! Last year, we only ate out at a restaurant once, and brought pizza back to the cottage once, so mostly we'll be grilling and eating at the house. I think I may even try to stock up on meat here (Byron Center Meats is good for this)... hopefully I'll get enough foods together that we can only buy produce and milk up there and can spend all our time at the beach!

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