Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have to admit that I have been slacking as a parent. When I had my first son, I was on top of taking and ordering pictures of him- I regularly ordered prints from Shutterfly, got professional pictures done regularly, made two different Shutterfly photo books of his first year as well as a DVD of all the home videos I took of his first two years. Then I had my second son. My laptop had broken sometime in his first year and we didn't replace it right away so we were using an older desktop. It took forever to upload and it was downstairs. Once we bought our new laptop, I got some pictures ordered, but by then I was SO far behind it was pretty difficult to get caught back up.

So, the past few days have been pretty dull on the blog because my evenings have been spent uploading, editing and choosing which pictures to order. I had a bunch of different coupon codes at Shutterfly to use- and I saved a ton of money and got a ton of prints!

If you're a slacker second parent like me, I would highly recommend using Shutterfly. When I upload the pictures, it adds the photo number and the date the photo was taken as the file name-- AND, the file name prints on the back of your pictures! So, when you order 14 months worth of photos (yes, Feb. 2010-April 2011), you can easily organize them by simply looking at the dates on the back of the prints!

I have used Snapfish before (because I had free prints, of course!), and they do not print this info on the back of the prints. And, if you use Shutterfly you will only get that info to print if you order the prints through the mail- not print to select stores.

Sometimes it does pay to wait though- I was able to use a couple different coupon codes (free shipping when you spend $30 and $10 off $30) as well as gift cards (earned through points at my bank) and Shutterfly's save on prints sale to get 804 prints for only $7.97 OOP!

I will try to get some new postings done--- right now I just want a few minutes away from my computer screen!

Order pictures- DONE
Get professional pictures of son who turned 4 in Dec. and 2 in March- NOT done!

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