Thursday, November 4, 2010

Walgreens Shopping

I still have time to change my mind, but I might be skipping Rite Aid this week. I went to Walgreens instead since they had some really good deals!

2- 12 pks of Cottonelle TP, 4 Sinex, 8 Ricola cough drops, 2 Zarbee's cough syrup, Energizer batteries and candy corn (not that we need any more candy but I needed a cheap filler).

$86.50 before coupons and discounts
-$26.59 sales
-$25.92 coupons
-$21.00 Register Rewards redeemed (earned in first & second transactions)
$12.99 out of pocket for everything in the picture!!
PLUS I still have $7.00 in Register Rewards left!

Head on over to Hip 2 Save, Give Me Neither or Spectacular Savings to check out this week's Walgreens matchups!


  1. For being a Rite Aid gal, that's pretty amazing! I'm impressed! Nice job!

  2. Wow! Nice job! I always feel like I spend too much at Walgreens trying to make sure I have enough products to use all my coupons and RR. I may still try to get over there today and take advantage of the Sixex deal, if there's any left. Thanks again!