Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Walgreens Trip

Since I skipped Rite Aid this week and got some deals at Walgreens, I figured I'd go back again and use some of my Register Rewards since we needed more batteries.

I really do prefer the +Up Rewards program at Rite Aid versus the Register Rewards program at Walgreens. If you haven't shopped Walgreens before, the RR's are treated as manufacturer coupons, and you can't have more manufacturer coupons than items you are buying. For example- I was buying batteries for $5.99 and using a $.75 off coupon. I had to buy a "filler" item if I wanted to redeem a RR so that I could use my manufacturer coupon and my RR. So, I bought some stickers for my kids and I was able to use my $6.00 RR.

Batteries- $5.99-$.75 coupon= $5.29
Stickers- $1.19

$10.11 before coupons and sales
-$2.50 sales
-$.75 manufacturer coupon
-$6.00 Register Reward redeemed
$.86 ($.43 of this was tax!)
PLUS I got another $1.00 RR for buying the batteries!

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