Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Update...

This year I decided not to brave the crowds at 5am for Black Friday shopping. My neighbor and I were very excited to go to Toys R Us last night at 10pm... only to end up leaving after waiting outside for an hour. Very disappointing! The line was wrapped around the building and behind the building and for what we were looking for it just wasn't worth the wait. They were only letting 10 people in at a time... Most of the things I was going for are on sale until tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get out this evening (without kids!) and see what is left.

I guess that's the good thing about couponing- I know that there are always deals and that if I miss one I'll find another. After we gave up at Toys R Us we had fun driving past the other stores to see all the lines- Old Navy, Target and Best Buy all had pretty big lines- but the Best Buy people sure know how to do these lines- every single person was in their tent staying warm AND Best Buy had a trailer with porta-potties!! Walmart had a good idea too to start their deals at midnight- we drove past our Walmart at 11pm and they had the parking lot full! Since they were open they didn't have the ridiculous line outside the store.

I did get to Target today- that was fun! My oldest turns 4 in a couple weeks so I get to buy birthday and Christmas presents for him. I got some DVD's that were on sale pretty cheap and the space ship my son wanted.

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