Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making Progress!

I stuck with my plan and spent quite a bit of time this evening working on my coupon binder. I'm almost done-- I have 2 more sections that are sorted- I just need to put them into the baseball inserts.

Here's what I started with over the weekend...

a BIG stack of printed coupons that needed to be cut and sorted!

and then a BIG stack of printed coupons that needed to be sorted and put in the binder!

So tonight I started out with an almost empty binder and a big stack of coupons...

Now they're all organized and most of them are put in the inserts in the binder. I have 2 more sections to finish... I could have stayed up longer and put the rest in, but I have a bunch of diaper and wipes coupons expiring this week that I don't feel like filing just to take them back out.

Sorry the pictures are sideways... for some reason when I uploaded them they uploaded weird and I'm too tired to mess with them!

It's always fun to go through stacks of coupons and see what I've clipped. Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow night to do a little more clipping of some more inserts I got and finally be caught up! I'll also get my Rite Aid shopping trips posted tomorrow...

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  1. We should have gotten organized together! I have a big bag of coupons that need to get into my binder!! Ugh!