Monday, May 24, 2010

Rite Aid Deal Picture

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post this last week, but this was my Rite Aid trip from last week. I have a bunch of regular Huggies at home but I was running low on Overnites, so I figured I'd use their sale to stock up...

I had to do 2 transactions- but my total before coupons and discounts for both transactions combined was $77.92. The weekly sales discounted my total by $19.60 and I used $28.50 in coupons- so my total out of pocket was $29.12.

I bought 5 jumbo packs of Huggies, 2 boxes of Playtex tampons, and a tube of Colgate toothpaste. I had a problem using my manufacturer coupon with the store coupon (I lost the battle and didn't get to use the coupon) so it could have been $1.00 less out of pocket.. Plus, I qualify for the Rite Aid rebate for a free jumbo package of Huggies (I'll get a voucher in the mail once I submit my Single Check Rewards). Without the other items, my diapers alone were $17.65 with tax for all 5 packages- so $3.53 a jumbo pack- plus I get another free pack with my rebate!

I did finally call Rite Aid to get clarification on their coupon policy. My local store (Portage) told me they will not accept a coupon from their ad with a manufacturer coupon because their in-ad coupons are actually manufacturer's coupons. I spoke with their corporate office and they said that you will need to look at the coupon and if the bar code starts with a RC, then it is a Rite Aid store coupon and can be used with a manufacturer coupon. They are going to contact my local store to clarify this information so hopefully they will be more aware of their own store policy next time.

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