Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meijer Deal Picture

I did two transactions because I knew I was earning some good catalinas, so I'll give you my totals (not each transaction)

$91.08 before coupons and sales
- $1.10 bottle returns
- $21.93 sales
- $51.25 coupons (includes the $13 catalinas I earned in first transaction)
$16.80 out of pocket! That's 82% savings!!

I'll try to post the details later, but there are 8 boxes of Cheerios, 9 Crystal Light Pure Fitness, 2 Classico pasta sauce, 3- 12 packs of Meijer spring water, 2- 7up 2 liters, bananas, organic strawberries, bananas, 3 gallons of milk, 2 Simply Yogurts and 1 package of Organic Smart Chicken... Now that's a good Meijer trip!


  1. Whoo-hoo! That's great! Don't you just love Meijer! My friend still heads to Walmart first and I've tried to convince her but you can't do this at Walmart!

  2. Wow! Nice job Sarah, I am impressed! You and Heather should get together and teach a class! I've learned so much through the blogs from you both, but I still feel like I've got a long ways to go. Next time I'll remember to check the middle aisle when I can't find something. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. I'm actually trying to get a class together in Portage this fall. I'll post it when it happens. Feel free to subscribe to my daily emails at the top of the blog to make sure you don't miss any postings. Don't get too frustrated as you're getting into couponing- when I was first getting started I'd get so mad that I couldn't get a deal I was looking for or I'd buy the wrong thing... and you'll learn that there are great deals all the time and not to get upset if you miss one. Good luck and email me if you need any help or tips!

  4. Thanks so much Sarah, I'll be on the look out for your couponing class! I've been hoping someone locally would have one...the Saving Addiction girls have had a few, but GR is too far for me to go. Thanks again for all your help, maybe I'll run into you in a store sometime!

  5. I've started some coupon lesson basic that I put out every Monday. Three of them are up so far. They may help you until you get to a class.