Friday, May 14, 2010

Deal pictures

Here are a couple deal pictures from my readers... If you have any deal pictures, email them to me and I'll post them! It's fun to see everyone's gread deals.

Jennifer got all the diapers in this picture from $77.92 before discounts- she paid $43.92 out of pocket, submitted the $14.95 rebate and earned $5.44 in Ebates. That's $23.53 after rebates on $77.92 in diapers! Great job Jennifer!

Jody got everything in this picture at Target this week- he paid $8.77 plus he got a $5 gift card- his subtotal before coupons was $48.69!

Very impressive Jody! I'm also attaching his list- I often have similar lists that show what I plan to buy to keep me organized.

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