Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stocked up on diapers again!

Our diaper stockpile was still pretty low, so I was happy to see that there was a diaper deal at Rite Aid again this week. All the Huggies newspaper coupons have expired but I just got a new direct mailer last week so I had some decent coupons to use. We were almost out of wipes (how could I let that happen?) so I was planning on getting some of those as well- which I ended up with an even better deal on than I planned!

All the Huggies diapers and boxes of wipes are on sale this week for $8.99 with a $2.00 +Up Reward for each.

Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers- $8.99
-$2.50 off from mailer
** $6.49 PLUS $2.00 +Up Reward earned **

Huggies Supreme- $8.99
-(2) $2.00 off coupons from mailer
** $6.99 each PLUS 2- $2.00 +Up Rewards earned

Huggies Shea Butter Wipes- 320 ct ** 50% clearance!! **
** These were next to the wipes that were on sale for $8.99, but had a clearance sticker on the box with a 50% off sign on the shelf-- when they scanned they scanned at $8.99, not $5.99 like they should have (50% off $11.99 regular price). The cashier "fixed" it by giving me the second box for free- which made for an even better deal for me! **
$8.99 for 2 boxes
-$1.00 off wipes coupon from mailer
-$.50 off wipes coupon from mailer
** $7.49 for 2 boxes of wipes PLUS I got 2- $2.00 +UP Rewards!! **

Huggies Goodnites- $8.99
** $8.99 PLUS $2.00 +Up Reward earned **
(sadly, I didn't have a coupon for these but I did use +Up Rewards to pay for them)

I did do two separate transactions so I could use some of my +Up Rewards, and I did use my $20 Winter Rewards +Up Reward towards these.

$73.44 before coupons, sales and discounts
-$26.99 sales and Wellness Plus savings
-$8.00 coupons
-$34.00 previously earned +Up Rewards
$4.45 OOP PLUS I still have $6.00 in +Up Rewards to spend!

Definitely check around the wipes section if you plan on going to Rite Aid-- they must be changing the packaging on some of the wipes so many are clearanced at 50% off-- just make sure they have the yellow sticker on the package and make sure they scan correctly.

The yellow sticker to look for:

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