Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some BIG news!

Again, I have been bad about postings the past week- sorry! I still need to finish up my January Rite Aid summary and post my Rite Aid trip from last week. We have some big news in our house. My husband accepted a promotion and we will be moving to the Lansing area. We listed our house over the weekend and started house hunting in Lansing already to narrow down where we'll be moving. He will be commuting until our house sells, and I'll keep on working until we move. We are somewhat optimistic about selling the house- but we still know it could take some time.

And what do I do shortly after finding out he got the job? Check to make sure there are Rite Aid stores in Lansing-- and there are tons! I also found that there are Walgreens AND CVS stores- CVS stores always have great deals and freebies so I will be able to start shopping there too. Plus, the Meijer stores there double coupons up to $.50 and there are Kroger stores that also double coupons! Very exciting!

I'll keep you updated... but just know that things are a little crazy getting the house ready to show. 2011 is definitely continuing to be an exciting year!

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