Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! We had a great night with our neighbors and their 2 kids (and their dog too)- eating munchies and treats and watching the kids (and dogs) run around. Yes, at 10:15 pm I say we had a great night- that's just how it is with 2 young kids... you call it a night a bit earlier than you use to. Now it's time to try to stay awake until midnight!

Hope you have a good night and stay tuned to the blog- I'm really hoping to get back on track for 2011! I'll try to get my Rite Aid trip from today posted in the morning... I normally post an end of month coupon printing reminder but I don't think there's anything that fabulous out right now... so hopefully we'll start seeing some good ones in January!

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