Sunday, December 19, 2010

I graduated!

Although I finished all my classes over the summer, I finally graduated yesterday! I got my Master's degree in Education from Western Michigan University! Two kids and six years later!!

I even walked at the ceremony-- it's much more fun the second time you graduate from college-- although the gown and the cap were a bit more complicated (and involved a quick web search to see how the heck to put the thing on!)... maybe I'll want to go back and graduate again a third time???

And yes, I am the one who made it through the walk across the stage, down the steps and then tripped as I was getting into my seat!!


  1. Congrats!! It always feels better to earn something when you have to work hard for it.


  2. Congratulations, Sarah! Can't imagine navigating master's work, kids AND a blog! How DID you do that????

  3. Congrats Sarah!! A great accomplishment!