Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As I mentioned earlier this week, we've been very busy lately so the blog has been pretty dull! My hubby and I went to Washington DC for 2 days last week - our first time for both of us leaving the kids for 2 nights and being an airplane ride away. It was a great little getaway- I had a whole day to myself (he had some business there) which was wonderful! We got massages at the spa (one of my favorite things to do when I go away!), I did some sightseeing, shopping and even got a good workout in at the gym!

Today is my oldest son's 4th birthday and my youngest son had surgery. He got tubes in his ears in February and one of them already fell out and within a week had an ear infection. The planned on replacing the tube and taking out his adenoids, but ended up replacing the other tube as well since it was starting to come out- and both tubes are larger than the original ones so they should last 1-2 years versus 6-9 months. I was VERY nervous about this procedure since taking out the adenoids required an IV and more anesthesia than just getting tubes, but he did well and is having a great afternoon. Hopefully now we won't have so many ear, sinus and upper respiratory infections!

The next couple weeks are still going to be crazy (a birthday party, graduation and several Christmas get-togethers), but I should have more time for postings.

Aren't the holidays fun???

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