Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A stocking for a friend...

The other day, one of my friends/coworkers was asking if I had any good coupons or knew of any good deals on men's razors for her hubby's stocking. I told her that I'm always getting men's razors for free, and that I have tons of them at home and I'd just bring her some. I asked her if her hubby used men's body wash also and told her I'm always getting that for free as well so I said I'd bring some of that in too. I said last week it was time to clean out some of my stockpile so I figured this was a good start!

Everything in the bag was either FREE or I got paid to buy it! 4 different kinds of men's body wash, 5 men's razors, 2 Right Guard deodorants, 2 containers of Reach dental floss, Crest toothpaste and Gain dish soap! From looking at the price tags, if I would have paid full retail for all of this I would have paid around $42.00!

I still have tons in my stockpile- and tons of samples I need to get out to donate to Kalamazoo Community in Schools. I'm hoping I can get to that this week since last week flew by. This month their focus is on personal care items and I have plenty of those to share!

My coworker was so excited! And, I'm excited because I told her not to give me any money but to just give me her extra newspaper inserts each week so I can get more freebies!

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