Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday Coupon Preview

Head on over to the Sunday Coupon Preview to see what coupons will be in this Sunday's paper- it looks like we can expect a Redplum & a Smartsource insert. Remember- the coupons vary by region- the Detroit Free Press usually has better coupons than the Kalamazoo Gazette- although you have to double check because the Free Press is starting to eliminate the Redplum insert in some areas outside of Detroit.


  1. Is there another paper where we can count on getting the full coupon inserts? I don't think it's fair that we can't get the same coupons as the rest of the country! I checked my Gazette insert this Sunday - it was 4 pages long. The Free Press insert was 18 pages! I cancelled my Gazette subscription immediately. I'll just go to Meijer's and pick up the Free Press every Sunday.

  2. The Free Press is usually better, but not always. The weekend of May 1 I bought 4 Free Press papers to get all the inserts and all that was in them was Smart Source inserts- our area didn't get the P&G or the Redplum inserts. I think we're going to start seeing coupons becoming more regional- that seems to be what's happening. I'll post an article later today-- I think manufacturers try to run certain coupons in certain areas and because of coupon clippers and ebay coupons are being distributed to areas not intended.