Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rite Aid with a plan

I went into Rite Aid with big hopes- I had 2 transactions figured out, using the +Up Rewards from the first one on the second one so I could bring my OOP real low. I earned a couple $3 off $15 survey coupons and I had my transactions calculated with as close to $15 as possible- pre-coupons, but my first transaction OOP had to be above $10 to use my $10 +Up Reward from last week. But, I went to Rite Aid with my kids and I was in such a hurry that I screwed up a bit and ended up doing just one transaction with more OOP than planned.

I accidentally handed the cashier some coupons in transaction #1 that should have been saved for #2 but they worked even though the items weren't in the order, so then I just put everything in one transaction. I was afraid of a cashier meltdown if she had to remove the coupons so I could separate the transactions. Still, a good deal, but it would have been nicer if I would have stuck with my plan. By the time I realized my screwup it was too late and I just went ahead with the transaction.

Here's what I ended up getting:

2- Cottonelle TP- $6.99- (get $1 +Up Reward)
2- $.50 off coupon from 1/23 SS (expired today!)
2- $1.00 off Video Values coupons (Feb & March)
** $5.49 each PLUS $1 +Up Reward for each! **

2- Reeses Minis- $2.50 (get $2 +Up Reward when you buy 2)
$2.00 off 2 from 1/30 SS
** $1.50 each PLUS $1 +Up Reward for buying 2! **

2- Biore Cleansers- $6
2- Biore Pore Strips- $6 (get $5 +Up Reward when you buy $15)
2- Buy a pore strip, get a cleanser free coupon from 3/6 SS
** $3.00 for each item, PLUS $5 +Up Reward!

Air Wick Aerosol- $1.69 BOGO
BOGO coupon from 3/6 SS (up to $1.39 value)
** 2 for FREE! (my cashier ran this coupon for the full amount instead of the coupon max- I didn't realize it until I just looked at my receipt) **

$68.42 before coupons and discounts
-$21.63 Wellness Plus savings and sales
-$3.00 off $15.00 coupon for filling out online survey
-$2.00- 2- $1 off $1 Video Values coupons
-$18.69 coupons
-$10.00 previously earned +Up Rewards
** $13.10 OOP!! **
PLUS I earned another $8.00 in +Up Rewards! Even though my OOP was a bit higher than I wanted, I have more +Up Rewards left than planned and I still got a really good deal!

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