Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Rite Aid Summary

February didn't end up being my best month at Rite Aid as far as OOP is concerned- it seems higher than usual, but I did end up getting some great deals this month, stocked up at great prices and got some things we really needed.

$358.70 before coupons, sales and discounts
-$122.61 Wellness Plus savings and sales
-$10.00 Video Values $$ off coupons ($1/$1, $4/$20, etc.)
-$69.71 coupons
-$86.00 prevously earned +Up Rewards
$70.38 OOP

If you consider that I bought 13 packages of diapers, 3 boxes of wipes, 2 smaller refill packages of wipes plus everything else for $70.00... this really wasn't a bad month! I saved almost 80%!


  1. WOW!!! Does your husband have a BO problem, or were you just getting a life time supply? This was a great time to stock up on diapers and paper towels, as I did also. This makes me want to take some pictures, but as soon as I put items down, Alexis gets them, so no pictures. Great haul though. I spent all of my rewards this month stocking up on diapers. I speent a total of about $10.00 out of pocket this month. I bought 7 packs of diapers, 10 rolls of paper towels, 4 Sucrets,at least 5 bottles of Excedrine, 4 Coriceden HBP, 2 Affrin, 2 Jiff PB, and a couple packs of Halls. I just kept building more up rewards, and just blew them all at once. Turned out to be a great month for me.

  2. I just wanted a lifetime supply of degree deodorant for him... The last time I bought it I paid almost $4 for one so I figured I'd buy all these for the same price I paid for one at regular price!
    I may have gotten a bit carried away though!
    Good job on your month too! My kids are getting trained that when we come home with things, we put them on the table and take our picture and then run around the house with whatever I bought. I had $10 in +Up left to start this week and used that yesterday- I'll post that pic later tonight hopefully!