Monday, March 7, 2011

A bad and good experience at Walgreens

I went to Walgreens this morning because they do have some good deals and I need to get into the swing of Register Rewards. This week they have Always liners or pads on sale for $2.99 with a $2.00 register reward. I had a couple coupons from direct mailings that made them free ($1 coupon) or a money maker ($2 coupon) after the Register Reward. Like my Rite Aid shopping yesterday, this trip did NOT go as planned... but this time it went better than I planned!

I planned on doing 2 transactions-
2- $2.99 Always (select ones generate $2.00 RR)
1- $2.00 coupon
1- $1.00 coupon
** $1.99 OOP for one, $.99 OOP for the other PLUS $2.00 RR's! **

But, when I got up to the cashier, she said that they were having problems yesterday with the RR's printing and we'd do the transactions and see if they printed. She said if they didn't print, I could send in a form for the RR or she could just void the transaction and give me my money back. So, we did both transactions, and neither RR printed. She called the manager up to approve the return, and after telling me that the reason it didn't print was because I used coupons (which is NOT the reason it didn't print), he gave me $4.24 back in cash AND gave me the items I had purchased. He gave me the Register Rewards PLUS tax in cash! So, I actually ended up leaving the store with $.90 more than I went in PLUS 2 packages of Always. Not too shabby! That makes up for screwing up my transaction at Rite Aid yesterday.

After looking around online at other blogs, I think the problem with the RR is that they didn't have the correct products displayed with the RR signs. I knew the liners I grabbed were different than listed in the ad, but they had a big sticker that said it was the one for the RR so I went with what the shelf said. I should have stuck with what was listed in the ad as far as specific item count.

$8.14 before coupons and discounts
-$1.80 sales
-$3.00 coupons
$3.34 OOP
-$4.24 refund for RR not printing
** +$.90 money maker!! **

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