Friday, August 13, 2010

Rite Aid Shopping

And yet another great Rite Aid shopping trip. I needed a couple things (trash bags/ kids shampoo) and figured I'd see what magic I could work at Rite Aid... I was pretty happy with the scenario I worked out.

3- Schick Hydro Razors- $5.99 (we do not need more men's razors but I can't turn down free when it helps me get to $25!)
3- $5.00 off coupons from 8/8 SS
** $.99 each= $2.97 total PLUS will submit for Try me free rebate ($5.99 purchase price) to make $3.02 money maker on 3! **

Suave Kids Shampoo- 2 for $4
- no coupons...
** $4.00 for 2 **

Rite Aid Trash Bags- $5.99 BOGO (I normally stick with name brand but figured I'd give store brand a try)
- 10% Wellness Plus Discount
** $5.39 for 2 boxes of trash bags- hopefully I like them! **

$39.68 before coupons and discounts
- $10.98 Wellness Plus savings and sales
- $5.00 off $25.00
- $15.00 manufacturer coupons
- $5.50 previously earned +Up Rewards
$3.20 after sales and coupons
- $3.20 remaining on Rite Aid gift card earned from previous promotion
FREE!! Plus $5.99 Schick rebate!

There were a couple other items on sale this week and my store was out- but I actually got rainchecks for them. This week Ziploc bags are BOGO and I have 2 BOGO manufacturer coupons so I can get 4 free boxes of Ziploc bags once they come in. They also were out of some BOGO deodorant which I have a BOGO coupon for... I like those freebies to help get to $25 to use the $5 off $25.


  1. Great job! Its great when you can figure out a scenario to get other things that are needed and still pay nothing OOP! I stopped at the Milwood RA but they were out of a lot so I just figured I would pass on this week. I probably should try Centre though.

  2. What were you looking for at Milwood? Centre St was out of quite a bit too. I have rainchecks for the Hydro shave cream, Ziploc bags and Dry Idea deodorant....

  3. The Hydro razors and Crest. I suppose it is ok to skip a week now and then! :)

  4. They had a few more of the razors but none of the free crest (the one with the $2.69 SCR).

  5. Thanks Sarah! Now I have to decide if I want to head that way or not! I'm leaning towards not.....