Friday, August 27, 2010

Rite Aid August Summary

I like putting together my whole month of Rite Aid shopping- I can't believe the great deals I'm getting there. I used to spend SO much more money getting these normal household items at Target...

Everything in the pictures:
$404.09 before coupons, sales and discounts
-$114.03 Sales and Wellness + Savings
-$104.93 Coupons
-$45.00 $5 off $25 coupons
-$47.50 +Up Rewards used
-$41.21 gift cards used from previous promotion/ transferring prescription

$56.42 actual out of pocket!

Rebates earned:
$10.00 Profoot SCR
$5.00 Kimberly/Clark SCR
$5.00 Kimberly/Clark SCR
$2.00 Oral B/ Crest SCR
$2.00 Crest 3D SCR
$2.00 Pampers SCR
$5.99 Schick rebate
$31.99 rebates

$24.43 after rebates for everything in the pictures-- $404 before coupons and discounts! It was actually less though since I used my July SCR check for $32.98 towards my out of pocket... so if you include that, after the new rebates, I'll get paid $9.55 for everything!!

PLUS I already qualify for the $5.00 Oral Care Rebate which will be $10 with $1.07 more in purchases- which I'll definitely hit before the end of the rebate. It's crazy!! I got 13 jumbo packs of diapers in August- 3 refill packs of wipes, TP, paper towel, and tons more stuff. Where else can I get this stuff for basically free?

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